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RECRUIT - Recruitment Guide

BECOME SOLUTION Co., Ltd. New/Experienced Employee Recruitment Guide
We want you to work with us for the future of BECOME SOLUTION.

- Recruitment Area

Recruitment Area T.O. Preferential Factors in Evaluation Career Field
R&D 0 - Product Planning & Server/Client Development
- Solution Framework Development
Engineering(Solution /Automation) 0 - MES, Facility Automation Experience Preferred
- DB Modeling, Data Migration Expert Preferred
ITO 0 - MES, Facility Automation Experience Preferred
- JAVA, C# Developer
- HSMS/SECS Development
Local Sales 0 - Position: Technical Sales
- Electronic/Manufacturing Section Project, Consulting or Sales Experience
5 to 10 Years

- General Requirements

Those who have fulfilled or been exempted from military service and those who are not disqualified for overseas travel
Those who have a passion for their work and a desirable attitude

1. Job Status

- Permanent/Intern

2. Qualification

- Education: Bachelor degree or higher (incl. a graduate-to-be)
- Experience: Rookie/Experienced (more than 3 years of experience)
- Preferred: Related technical qualifications, national merit, and disabled

3. Application Period and Method

- Period: All year round
- Resume Form: Available on our Recruitment Site (Saramin Online Resume)
- Application Method: Saramin Online or E-mail(
- Application Documents: Resume, Self Introduction, Curriculum Vitae (No submitted documents will be returned)

4. Selection Method

- 1st: Document review
- 2nd: Interview with Board of Directors (for those who passed the 1st step)
- Announcement of Successful Applicants: Notifications made individually (online and offline)

5. Disqualification Criteria

- A person who is incompetent or quasi-incompetent
- A person who is not rehabilitated after bankruptcy
- A person who has been suspended from a sentence and still in the period of the suspension of sentence

6. Others

- If submitted documents are counterfeit, the recruitment may be canceled.
- This recruitment guide may be subject to change depending on the circumstances of the company.

7. Questions & Answers

- Reference: Access our homepage (
- Inquiry: Recruitment Officer of Management Support Office
- Tel : 02-3019-6226
- E-mail

CEO : Hwang Young-ju
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